5 Best Kept Secrets Hollywood

best kept secrets hollywood




These are the best kept secrets Hollywood edition.  The name is taken from Havana’s infamous bar that was also the originator of the world famous daiquiri. El Floridita also just happened to be one of Hemingway’s favorite places to expand conscious while living in Cuba.  Below is a statue of Hemingway inside the bar.


El Floridita L.A. is Hollywood’s only typical Cuban food place and it is well known for much more than just it’s ropa vieja and picadillo.  They make a paella that is known by word of mouth and you should  call ahead for it to be made.  They also have some of the best Latin dance nights in LA, just ask whichever Jonas brother this is.  Jonas-Brother-Loves-Floridita

It is also the type of place you would want to take a first date to show off some unique dancing skills, amazing bands playing salsa and old school Cuban music, while all the while eating some amazing tasting paella chalk full of seafood, even some I have never seen before.  They even got a thing that looks like a mutation between a Lobster and a shrimp called Langoustine.best kept secrets hollywood  Look who showed up also.



Blue Window is exactly that:  a blue hole in the wall and pretty much nothing more, except the blue color all over the place, obviously.  A menu that is always less than $10.00 and delicious is all that I ask for in life.  The entire menu changes every six months and yet it is always remarkable.Still, some of the best best to go quick eats in all of Hollywood are behind The Blue Door. Find yourself a bench to eat or walk on, because there really is no seating area, except for the bench. 



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Good Time Davey Wayne’s is not easy to find,  but its definitely worth the trouble.  Its  a speakeasy of sorts and as unique as they come.  Maybe its the fact that you have to walk through a refrigerator door to make it to the other side to the good times!  Once inside, you feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when everything comes alive remarkably and in technicolor.   It distinguishes itself from any other bar in Los Angeles with it’s whimsical refrigerator entrance and quirky ‘living room-esque’ decor that feels so corny its good and looks like like The Brady Bunch on psilocybin.  They have a short, but fun cocktail list and they feed your inner child gourmet grilled cheese and spiked snow cones.

Actual Address: 1611 N El Centro Ave, Los Angeles, CA


CAFE-MIDI-BEST-KEPT-SECRET-HOLLYWOODCafe Midi is an amazing gourmet French fast food cafe of sorts , but located within an antiques shop.  You know the place as the one of the few spots in Hollywood that is always packed on their outside patio.   An unassuming cafe located inside the American Rag Company is pretty cool I gotta admit.

According to the LA Times, “For anyone exploring the galleries and boutiques along La Brea between Melrose Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard, Cafe Midi is a lovely spot to stop for lunch.  At lunch, Cafe Midi’s chef, Edouard Moyal, who cooked at Le Chardonnay, turns out an appealing array of salads and sandwiches. His salade nicoise, for example, is more like one you’d find at a small cafe in Nice than any of the gentrified versions around town. It’s made with the traditional tinned tuna–water-packed albacore instead of the dark, tasty tuna packed in olive oil, so the fish tends to be a bit dry. But the hard-boiled eggs, haricots verts and potatoes mixed in with the greens are perfectly cooked. The chef also makes a mean club sandwich with Black Forest ham and Gruyere on a tall, fluffy ciabatta. His take on a burger is ground sirloin and mozzarella on focaccia.”  Source: LATimes.

Here is a slide show with other dishes at Le Midi.  According to the LA Times : http://articles.latimes.com/2002/jan/03/news/wk-mood3


“Cafe Midi: In the back of the store Maison Midi, this charming French cafe serves a revolving list of interesting soups. Bean soups include pink lentil with cumin, black bean with chives and roasted garlic and fava bean with smoky bacon. Relax on a pillowy banquette with a bowl of soup and a slice of fresh ciabatta. (All soups, $4.50.) Cafe Midi, 148 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 939-9860.”


petit-trois-best-kept-underground-secrets-hollywoodFrom the team behind Trois Mec this Parisian spot has a certain je ne sais quoi to it. I would label it expensive hipster cozy and has that at home feel that juxtaposes perfectly the ridiculously good food served here.  It only has bar seating so they must be going for the cozy, yet elegant French gastropub experience. Don’t get me wrong, a cheeseburger for almost 20.00 is very Hollywood, but it is one of this things you have to try once every blue moon because of the fact that it is so scrumptious.  

Here is some more information about Le Petit Trois from La Weekly.  Some really cool drinks being served also.  Check out the following link for a slideshow of some amazing visuals concerning some excellent food!  http://www.laweekly.com/slideshow/an-ode-to-paris-at-petit-trois-5128022.