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Real Hip Hop Be On Life Support

Still its not quite dead yet, but with spitball corny motherfuckers destroying the hip hop from North to South and West to East.  Thank the Baby Jesus watching over from high above in the pretty blue skies above that we got cats like Kool Ad and DAs Racist shining the light.  Kool AD is Victor Vasquez and half of the controversial band Das racist and is better known as that Kool Ass Dude is a multicast hip-hop artist representing both coasts with mad skills, unique style and an unparalleled humility on the mic like no there artist this journalist I have ever seen.  Dudes entire career is one unfinished mixtape with what must be like 1,000,001 songs.  Kool is not afraid to experiment either, just take a listen to Moneyball on Youtube and provided below for your listen enjoyment.  i like real hip hop artists that aint afraid to switch it up on the daily by “Warholing” their manifestations.

This aint your regular gangsta or trap bullshit either.  Kool and his brethren and a band by the name Das Racist and with a German moniker like that you know they gonna be taking the game and creativity to new heavenly heights.  In the video Amazing! we see the members of Das mimicking none other than Bin Laden in that infamous video where he is watching himself blow the World Trade Center Towers to kingdom come. 

Here is another video by Das Racist that is super real, an example of humble rap and also happens to be funny AF.

Thats the type od rap that will make you smile and laugh at times because it is weird af and quite exciting at the same time.  Nothing mass produced or record companies telling these cats what to say, how to say and what they gots to do in order to make sure they sell.  In effect these indie rappers are left to their own devices and the result is usually nothing short of brilliant. 

Lets not forget the man…the myth… hailing from I dunno where India.. Nardwuar The Human Serviette… a name that might just have to inducted ASAP into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most ingenious hip hop artist name in the history of humanity.  Its either duke over here or that cat CRayzWaltz… I think he’s with the record company Definitive Jux.. Anyone know comments are free.  🙂

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