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Memorial Day supposedly marks the beginning of summer (Yes!) and with a long weekend just around the corner it is time to make plans, if you have not made any already.   It might be a bit chilly lately here in SoCal, but its gonna heat up and pretty soon.  The beaches are gonna be jumping this weekend and even though they are packed, the excitement level will be well worth the crowds.

Los Angeles and the rest of California have some of the best camping facilitates in the US.  Take time now to sign up for a campsite you like and plan ahead to create your perfect quickie dream getaway.   With social media and the internet being so pervasive in pretty much every aspect of our daily lives, of course there is an app where you can literally see all areas available and designated by number.  One of the positive aspects of the advent of technology is that we can spend weeks prior to the camping excursion,  late night in our pjs and researching the perfect spot to put up the new tent, which Google Earth shows happens to be only one of six areas with a one or two trees.  

According to Discover Los Angeles : To make online reservations at L.A. County Parks, use the Activities Reservation & Registration System (LACARRS). This system allows you to reserve and/or register for County services and programs, including RV Park, camping, picnic, facilities, and rooms. Online reservations for California State Parks can be made via individual links at Reserve America, included in the following guide.

Here are a few key links in order to get your camp on:

Great Link Below

25 Best Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Los Angeles





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