Chicano-Batman-Rocks-LAChicano Batman rocks!  I will be the first to admit it. Chicano Batman is not your run-of-the-mill rock star band name. It may sound a bit hokey, but to me it embodies the unique playful passion and amazing soul of this LA-bred band. Either dressed up in retro vintage polyester suits, looking like the Chicano version of The Ratpack, only a little bit more playful and less pretentious.


Their name came from Martínez and is a reference to a certain comic book character, but was also inspired by the bat-like symbol of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers movement, which fought for laborers’ rights in California.

An article in The Guardian is quoted as saying,”They have a revivalist feel, but instead of classic R&B and blues they take their cues from Latino groups as well. Aesthetically, they look like the Peruvian pop group Los Pasteles Verdes or Los Angeles Negros, the 70s Chilean band who made their name with lovelorn ballads – all ruffled shirts and pastel-colored three-piece suits.” (link)

The have a song called This Land and it is their unique, wacky take on the anthem used by US Wildlife service and nature lovers alike. The flow is as original as it gets, the band sure gots kills and the sound is all their own. One listen and its hard not to wanna get up and dance dance dance! Check out the Youtube video below! Leave a comment and let us know if you think its sweet or if it sucks balls?

More importantly, as The Guardian article goes on to say, But the band have become de facto spokesmen for Latinos in rock in LA, a city that they say doesn’t always recognize its Latino population despite it accounting for around half its citizens.

“It’s a fictional LA. It’s the LA that you see in all movies with only white people in it or maybe a few black characters, but you never see Latinos and we’re such a big part of the city. We’re everywhere in the city and part of being in this band is about raising our identity.”




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