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Doggy day care Hollywood, like everything else in Hollywood, gotta be bigger and better for your furry loved ones.  Living in California people do things as they please and sometimes express themselves in ways people across the country sometimes look down upon, but I guess it’s because people here are just real and seem more at ease and far happier when they are doing just as they please.  Blazing new trails that is.  Like that Citi commercial exclaims, if you wanna walk down the pier in your bright red khakis and laughing madly while your wife takes 2 month old Porkchop out for a stroll, then you be you and by all means do it!  Truth be told, after seeing such a cute little baby piggy, this carnivore is now seriously questioning past values and promised never to eat bacon again!  That is, until the very next morning when my girlfriend uses the sweet smell as an allure to wake me at 5:35 am, while the hybrid smell of maple and bacon wafting around my small apartment in the dim early morning hours would drive anyone crazy.  Delicious! 

doggy-day-care-hollywood-roomsIt is also comes as no surprise that Angelinos love their pets.  Dogs, cats, gerbils, lizards, you name it, have it here better than anywhere else on planet Earth,  Just ask a Beagle living in Iraq or even Europe how they feel about their masters.  Doggy day care Hollywood might just have the highest concentration of animal hotels in all the US and I would venture an estimation that two blocks from the crib is the highest concentration of animal hotels per square foot on planet Earth. 

In short, we take our love for our little furry critters very seriously.  When we say they are family, I think you have no idea.  They are FAM!  It is no wonder there is a high demand for huge expensive doggie rooms, spas, walking machines, organic gluten-free treats and everything in between. Now your loved furry one can live like a movie star! 

Tucked quietly in Hollywood behind the new Walgreens near Highland and Santa Monica, sit side by side huge doggie and cat hotels that are actually quite awe striking.  It’s the type of place you might leave your German Shepard Spike, but also the place your poodle Tiffany might be shunned by Madonna’s poodle Tiara for not being as fabulous as she.  How Hollywood of you Tiara.  Leave Spike alone.

Doggy day care Hollywood consists of D Pet Hotels Hollywood, LA Dogworks and The Pooch Hotel, among others to choose from.  D Pet Hotel goes beyond the call of duty like few other pet hotels do.  Most of these places have dog boarding, daycare, and dog grooming boutique! The don’t wash your dogs, it’s a spa experience.  Not only that, but places like Pooch Hotel have a camera that is always streaming live to your cell phone or computer so you know how you pet is doing. 

D Pet Hotels Hollywood  is probably one of the most expensive and totally plush pet hotels that exist.  It really is a call above and beyond.  They have a pet spa, rooms that would rival the very best human hotels and a doggie day camp regarded as a must do. Here are some visuals:



Doggie Running Machines Too! #noexcuse #fitfido


doggie couture


Usually the human hotels this humanoid stays at are far worse than the above pictured.