Explore your jungle!  Internal Tourism rocks!

Hello!  My name is Maurice Arisso and I am the creator of  Lost Angeles Tours Mindful Media Los Angeles and Lost Angeles Underground.  It’s time to explore your jungle!  Get off the couch and stop visit the same Subways you have been around the corner for the past 5 years.  We are your guides to exploring the underbelly and every nook and cranny around the City of Angels.


Our mission is to create internal tourism for locals with hidden treasures re-discovered throughout the city and which have in effect been “lost” in time and space for one reason or another.  We take you on tours to these unique destinations and allow you to meet likeminded people in the process and make lifelong friends.  We bring you Los Angeles from alocals point of view cocerning their immediate hood.  Now all of the city is your backyard, your hood.

My mission with these websites and this tour is to present tourists and locals alike with an inside look at hidden gems throughout this magnificent city.  We tell you what the inside scoop is referring to the best places to et right now, best clubs and bars to dance the night away, we show you the urban art and secret spots throughout the city.  Yes, we tell you all about the celebrity side to Hollywood, for example, but we delve deep into the history of the city.  Our walking tours are uique in that you learn more in two hours with us than with other tours.

Don’t be that visitor walking down Hollywood Boulevard with a map and lost.  Give us a few hours of your time and we will tell you everything you need to know.

LAUnderground Tours takes you through more than 230 years of history, (Founded 1781) and the making of one of the greatest cities in the world.  LAUnderground Tours takes you off the tourist path and goes to the places locals know about.  We take you to famous sites, film locations, amazing studios, and much more.  You will get the very best photos and be able to share the weird, wonderful and unique stories that an afternoon with us entails. 


All tours are individually tailored by a knowledgeable guide.  No tour is the same twice.  Each time you take a tour with us it will be updated and new facts added.  We love we what do so we want to make sure we tell you everything about Hollywood.  


Sorry, but no hush hush here, like in the movie LA Confidential.  We give you the inside scoop!  Explore your jungle!

know your jungle