floridita-best-cuban-food-dance-hollywoodDont be surprised or turned off by the fact that El Floridita’s; (located at 1253 Vine St;) facade looks like the entrance to a seedy bar in the middle of the San fernando Valley.  Inside you will find some of the best Cuban (and not so Cuban food) in Hollywood and maybe some of the best underground after hours events in all of LA.

floridita-best-cuban-food-dance-hollywoodThe restaurants name is taken from the well known El Floridita that is still operating in Havana, Cuba.  It was the birthplace of the Daiquiri and a favorite watering hole where Ernest Hemingway enjoyed getting shit-faced.  I cant exactly imagine him chugging down Daiquiris though. 

What El Floridita is best known for are their special events and nights of live music.  The infectious rhythms go hand in hand with some truly old school dinner choices that would even make Anthony Bourdain salivate.  Their most well known offering is something called Paella and it is not even of Cuban origin.  


Paella is something that comes from Spain and it is something that tastes out of this world, when done correctly.   That yellow rice sure tastes as good as it looks and wide variety of seafood choices is a unique touch, especially the langoustine which i still don’t have the faintest idea what it is.  

Make sure to be a patriot and ask for a Cuba Libre and get drunk while denouncing communism.  Talk about win win.  Only decision will be what to drink first, Cuba Libre or that Mojito right next to it?


Ropa Vieja

Cuban dishes El Floridita is known for are Picadillo, Ropa Vieja (or its literal translation “Old Clothes”) not because it stinks or anything like that, but because shredded meat looks like weathered clothes that has seen better days.  Don’t be fooled by name though, the meat is delicious because it is marinated with all sorts of exotic goodies that equals a taste explosion in your mouth.  Don’t forget to order the Argentinian yerba-mate soft drink by the name of Materva.  You have never tasted anything quite like it, putting Red Bull to shame. 


There is also Underground Salsa Dancing too and it seems the best day to go is on a Monday.

Coming up this week and well into July:

Friday 06/24


Saturday 06/25


Monday 06/27


Friday 07/1

Friday Salsa Nights

Saturday 07/2

Saturday Salsa Night

Friday 07/8

Friday Salsa Nights

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