Gentrification Fears In Los Angeles

 In just the last three of four years it seems that rents and new homes prices in Los Angles and most of SoCal have increased at alarming rates, to say the least.  Long Beach is no exception.  I am currently moving there because Hollywood, where I presently live and have to move from in less than 60 days has become a place I can no longer afford.  Rents have nearly tripled.


gentrification-fears-los-angeles . Things are evolving at an astounding rate and the massive projects that a place like Southern California is embarking upon is second to none.  The 2028 summer Olympic games, a huge upgrade to the Metro system in Los Angeles and even the creation of first new freeway in California in 25 years, running from Victorville in the high desert, all through the Northern stretches of the Los Angeles mountains and due West tom Palmdale and surrounding vicinities.  I imagine that the plan is to create more space ready for development along that particular desert corridor.  It also strikes she that the first step is creating a huge freeway.  Then comes gas stations, Starbucks, Target malls with all sorts of corporate pots to catch a quick bite at and communities spawning all around that as part of the next iteration in urban sprawl. Map Below.



Map of Long Beach, CA










Long Beach is the latest casualty to gentrification and rising rent prices.  The main thing here is that the phenomenon is getting WAY out of control. Long Beach has been given the title of second highest in nation rent growth, year after year, according to Apartment List.   Most it is one of Southern California’s premier destinations for charming big city entertainment, beautiful beachside that stretches as far as the eye can see and s charm that few other places in SoCal can claim.  Best of all, Long Beach is like lets says Venice Beach or even Hermosa, but with half the pretension and half the price tag.  Well, at least thats how it used to be. 


LA Mayor Eric Garcetti sporting His Best Kodak Smile As He Talks Business With Canadian PM Justin Trudeau And Friends

I live in Hollywood and I literally have to move out because the rent literally went up from $1315 to $1650 in less than one month!  I received an eviction letter because it was a month to month contract, and now I have to move far far away.  To the immediate North of where i currently live there is a construction project .  To the left of that there is a construction that must be a hole to China, or a competition for the Guinness book of World records concerning the biggest hole hole in the world.  I dunno.    To the Immediate East of me an entire house was torn down to make way to a new development.  Its happening all over Hollywood and I believe that the current plan according to city administrators and spearheaded by Mayor Garcetti, is to create a mini Manhattan if sorts in Hollywood, making way for many high-rises and  new plateaus concerning headaches having to do with traffic congestion and urban congestion. 

gentrification-fears-los angeles

New developments @ “Times Square West” In & Around LA Live (left & upper right pictures)

Its all a direct consequence of money, money, money and a lot is to made in these prosperous times.  Just look at the in and around the Staples Center.  Mayor Garcetti called it “ Times Square of the West.”  The funny thing is that they have assembled the money, the corporate interests, the developers and what have you to make that dream a distinct, tangible reality.  What surprises me most is how quickly these dreams area coming true.  I took my parents to Lakers game during Christmas and almost shot myself when I saw those gigantic structures just across the street.  Way too much, way too quickly.  Slow it down, study it all just a tad bit better is what I believe is the best alternative.  Protect more and more cultural heritage spots, make sure old School bars don’t go out of business crushed by increasing rents and greedy corporate interests that no one could possibly compete against.  Rents are doubling, tripling across all over SoCal. 

gentrification-fears-los-angeles . Of course this is nothing new, shit… it s expected in a place thats always sunny and warm, right?  My biggest concern is the alarming rate at which this is all happening.  Nothing is left for working class Americans.  I see a situation where over the decades rent will be so insane in LA that working class families will have to live way way far out and only way way far out.  The desert will be full of new urbanizations, people will conquer the heat, they will conquer the desolate landscape one bit at a time.  Its not to late to think it over, see if there are better alternatives to this out of control gentrification that is turning LA into something that is bland, sterile and totally un-LA-like in the end. 


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