The Gentrification of Los Angeles

Gentrification in Los Angeles.  The economy is booming, Trump is all smiles about it, Los Angeles is feeling the effects.  As families are being torn apart across the local scene and nationally, real estate prices and developments across SoCal and especially in Hollywood are booming.  I see construction cranes all over the place, the area in and around LA LIve has been dubbed “Times Square of the West” and by the looks of it, sure seems that high rises, overpriced food and overall experience for well off is wonderful I guess.


Gwen: Delicious but WAY too expensive. Hollywood and LA are becoming one big overpriced experience for the rich.

On the other hand, gentrification means that people will be displaced.  In Hollywood alone I can count construction sites to the North, east and South of where I live.  Rents are being doubled and even tripled.  Old favorites like Fox & Hound die away while new offerings like Gwen and others create a unique experience, but is so expensive that only lucky few can enjoy it.  I don’t have the $$$ to be able to afford primo cuts of Kobe beed dried aged beef.  I dont even need top tell you what the home turf of Chicano Movement ( amazing little article from The Boyle Heights Beat) and Cesar Chavez think about gentrification.  Open a coffee shop and the next morning you might just have a brick through your window, even before opening day.


Gentrify LA: Its Cultural Slavery

We must set up some sort of regulations, laws, historical what-have-yous that make sure certain places cannot be sold to highest bidder and must remain as is due to cultural significance.  We must do so before this amazing city becomes one big Disneyland-like entertainment center at the hubs and “shitholes” (link to the left is Jay-Z’s response to Trump’s derogatory stereotyping on CNN’s new Van Jones Show) all around it, as our President would say.  gentrification in los angeles

gentrification in los angeles

Know Your Jungle!  gentrification in los angeles


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