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This Sunday, June 26 (7pm) The Hollywood Bowl will be hosting it’s annual Reggae Night and this year they will have none other than a towering legend in the genre, Grammy Award winning Burning Spear.  A contemporary of Bob Marley and playing his final farewell show, Winston Rodney has captivated audiences for more than four decades with his unique flavor and deep cultural roots in the Jamaican community, back to Africa Black Star and Marcus Garvey references and his pretty much one of founding fathers and a chief innovator in the the evolution of what we call today reggae.  I once saw him live in Detroit about 20 years ago and I had to ask myself by the 5th hour into the show, does this guy ever get tired?  Half my crew had already left…lol.  Hollywood bowl reggae w/ Burning Spear is gonna rock!  Don’t miss this event!

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Sometimes I feel that the OC and LA are worlds apart, even though they are literally situated one next to the other.  Maybe it is the cool breeze, to the sand under your feet as you walk the beach and enjoy Mai Tai’s tends to lend itself to being more receptive to sweet reggae sounds like in the Caribbean, but once you go North into Los Angeles places that play the music are far too little and Hollywood seems to neglect that type of music altogether and with good reason.  The last few years of UCLA’s annual Reggae Fest, according to UCLA’s Daily Bruin, have had such dismal attendance numbers that this year they were not able to book pretty much any of the big names.  You go to OC and every town has their own particular reggae night and the vibe is always very relaxed and the people divine.  LA is another story altogether. Guess we are too cool for roots music.


We need more reggae up in Los Angeles and Burning Spear playing his final show on Saturday will be exactly what we beed to get the summer going strong.  There is nothing quite like hearing that blessed music live and in person.  You cannot help but to walk away feeling greatly and enlightening, truly and honestly as happy as one can be.

I don’t know about, but for once I sure wish we could live up in the hills!


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