little-ethiopia-los-angeles-tourism-and-travelLos Angeles might just have more cultural diversity than a booming metropolis like New York City.  It seems that everywhere you go in Los Angeles you that all ethnic groups represented by their version of a small town.  We have the second largest congregation of Koreans anywhere in the world in Koreatown.  We have Chinatown, Thai town and the list goes on and on. 

One of the newly discovered communities for me is Little Ethiopia. You can find this congregation of East African community in and around Fairfax Avenue, from south of Olympic Blvd and North of Whitworth Drive in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood on the Westside. 

Food is inexpensive for the most part compared to the rest of L.A. and the choices between Merkato, Little Ethiopia Restaurant, Rahel Ethiopian vegan Cuisine, Messob and Addis Ethiopian.  Little Ethiopia, according to, is actually one of the most exclusive and hard to get into restaurant in all of Los Angeles.

little-ethiopia-los-angeles-tourism-and-travelFood is served on Injeera bread fermented from a special type of flour and it is delicious. Try the Injeera chips also!  Vegan dishes are the best I have ever tasted,  You can mix it up also with traditional Ethiopian dishes like kitfo, which is a raw meat in butter and spices.  Bebere are chiles and other African spices that give the mix of foods quite a kick. 

Best of all it is an experience where you eat with you hands!  have fun and dip this with that and the other thing over here with these spices.  Keep a full cup of water close because you might just need it. 

little-ethiopia-los-angeles-tourism-and-travel            little-ethiopia-los-angeles-tourism-and-travel