Los Angeles Little Jamaica


Little-Jamaica-Los-ANgelesIn a city that has a specific neighborhood that caters to its culture, Jamaica could certainly be no exception. 

Located west of the area where Pico meets La Brea, what I have dubbed Los Angeles Little Jamaica exists on the the corner of Pico and Redondo Avenue.   

It might just be three of four stores, but they are sure chalk full of life!  The Jamaican jerk chicken can be smelled a mild away and the ambiance is always carefree and jovial.  The artwork on the walls and outside of the shops and restaurants is another example of how LA not only caters to cultures from all around the world, but we do it in style.  Beautiful urban art is plastered all over the place and it is quite extraordinary.   

Jamaica-In-Los-Angeles    Los-Angeles-Little-Jamaica-Jerk-Chicken

Little Jamaica in Los Angeles has their own special grub spots. Here are some reviews from Yelp.  Wi Jammin Caribbean Restaurant (5103 West Pico Ave) has some the best spicy jerk chicken in all of SoCal and the oxtail is out of this world. A hole-in-the-wall that is chalk full of character. The delicious island smells of food will hit you like a brick wall even a few blocks away.

Island Fresh is right next door (5101 W Pico Ave) Outside there is patio seating enough to sit about 10-12 people. On a nice day one can sit outside and hear the reggae on in an outside speaker and enjoy a light windy breeze hitting your face as you enjoy delicious authentic Caribbean food.

Inside you’ll find about 3-4 tables that allow parties to dine ranging in 2-4 people.

Their jerk sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and warm – the heat builds slow and sneaks up on you.  Best to have some water next to you or some unique Jamaican drinks.  Best fried rep snapper I have had in a long time.  No grease and the taste is like I was back in Puerto Rico, my home town. Los Angeles little Jamaica is up and coming.  The food is superb and the people sweet and kind. 

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