Los Angeles Urban Art 


City of Angels is a place known for its creativity, uniqueness and its amazing los angeles urban art.  One of the aspects I love most about this city is the urban arts and it is quite beautiful to see how places like DTLA and especially the Arts District are becoming places known for creativity and street art all over the place. Here are a few examples below:

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The distinctive patterns that look like LA’s own form of calligraphy is always the brand employed by Retna.


images-25  el-mac-los-angeles-urban-art images-33 imgres-10

EL MAC (pictured above) is a master at capturing the facial expression, demeanor and general character of what an Angelino is and should always be.  Amazing!

images-27 images-30

Even the Buddha and the Virgin Mary are given a unique personality as EL MAC creates something that looks like it might be straight out of a beautiful blue dream, I had last night.  In the picture of the virgin on door below we can see Retna and EL MAC working together as they often do.




images-35 imgres-8 images-32 images-34 images-29  Amazing portrayal of Mexicans


I remember a time when any artwork like this, no matter how beautiful and profound was still a huge taboo and the public saw it as nothing more than a public disturbance.  Yeah, it is true that LA is the only place in the continental United States that I have ever been to that gangs even tag bathroom stalls.  I can’t even take a dump as a gas station near the 405 within have big a big “13” under the left check of my ass.  Graffiti is one thing and I understand how these people mess everything up for the rest of us.  They were the ones that originally gave Los Angeles urban art a bad name.

El MAC los angeles urban art

Retna hit the big time with latest Bieber album cover.

Still, we take one look at the masterful works of world renown street art masters like Retna and El MAC to see just how amazing the art truly is.  EL MAC depicts classic Latin American immigrants and the other real face of people living throughout LA, but more of an underground vibe because these are not places like Beverly hill, Pacific Palisades or even Santa Monica.  These are the blue-collar working class families living in places like Reseda, Downey, South LA and Montebello.  EL MAC is a true artist and he catches the expressions and worn out faces of these demographics perfectly.  He has art in Amsterdam and around the rest of the world.

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