The best part about taking a leisurely stroll down Melrose Avenue is going from shop to shop and seeing what eccentricities and secondhand clothes they have for sale at triple the normal prices.  The one constant about this unique, lively and vibrant street is that it’s shopping, dining and people watching are second to none.  Walking down this street you will get a clear of idea of how Angelinos live.  This is the real LA.  Melrose Avenue is where the hippest of hipsters come out to see and be seen.  It is also one of the places where stars love to shop. images-9 images-5 images-8 

The best parts of Melrose are actually the backstreets and the ever-changing underground street art scene that has block after block of all sorts of art and on both sides of the street.  As LA Curbed said in a recent article;

“The Melrose Business Improvement District is launching an initiative that would increase the number of walls along Melrose that are adorned with public art. Curated by street artist and reality TV show host Justin BUA, the Melrose Mural Project is will center around 10 to 15 walls and aims to hook up new artists with the veteran CBS crew, which has painted on Melrose for decades, with the ultimate goal of turning the stretch of Melrose between Highland and Fairfax into a “museum of street art,” said the Beverly Press.  “The Melrose Mural Project would involve painting over some existing murals, adding to others, and creating new ones on virgin walls; the BID will work with property owners, the city, and artists to smooth the path (the city only legalized murals in 2013.)  Once it’s all done, an app could be created to act as a virtual docent, guiding visitors along the street.”  It seems the city government is taking the whole street art scene seriously because more than 10 murals have been commissioned to be erected all around Melrose in the near future. imgres-2 imgres-6 imgres-4 images-10 images-6 images-11 images-4

Melrose also has some of the best places to eat in and around Hollywood.  There is a great Argentinean spot called Lala’s.  Their cuts of skirt steak with traditional chimichurri sauce drizzled on top is to die for.  Across the street from Lala’s is upscale Frankie’s on Melrose and they are know for their excellent italian food and fresh seafood.  If you are looking for a place to find pasta mixed with only the freshest seafood, this might be one of Los Angeles’s best kept secrets.  The owner of Frankie’s was once the owner of a seafood market way before he opened this spot on Melrose.  If you order pasta with seafood, or just a piece of fish or some steamed clams to start off with, they will be amazing. 

There are also a few shops that cater to truly bizarre tastes.  Necromance is the store that has all the stuffed animals, medical tools for the turn of the century and all sorts of goodies that will send chills up your spine. images-6 imgres-4images-4 images-7 images-10 imgres-5 images-1 images-3 images-2 imgres-2 imgres-3 imgres images-1 images images-3 imgres images images-2 images-1 download images-15  images-14 Melrose-Avenue-Los-Angeles-Tourism-Street-Art images-8 images-13 images-5 images-12 images-9 images-7ose 

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