If you take Mulholland Blvd late at night you will see all sorts of interesting “phenomena” going on up there.  Mainly the drag where people leave Hollywood after a night of partying up Vine, turning into Franklin going East.  Those that are smart take Outback straight up and arrive close to what is Runyan Park and a little farther away Hollywood Bowl Lookout.

Its kind of funny because during the day it is tourist central taking pictures up there, but when the sun goes down and guards lock the doors is when things get interesting.  Drive around late night and you will ALWAYS see a bunch of cars parked and people entering the Mulholland Lookout area.  When the Hollywood Bowl has a show as the sun goes down, it gets packed and people enjoy the free show from atop Mulholland.  At 3 am you see beer all over the place and its a huge party.


This is the view for Mulholland Overlook at Hollywood Bowl.  Its the shot you se in pretty much every movie shot in LA. (below)



With a view like that i can understand why its such a popular place to hang after long Saturday night in Hollywood.

Saturday night is when lover’s lane gets hot hot hot!  You can drive by and literally car after car hidden away or in plain view, all fogged or some just leave the light on for the voyeur thing I guess.  That is not going to last too long because LAPD be patrolling that area because there have been some break ins and even a murder not so long back.

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