Mulholland Food Trucks Rock!

th-1Mulholland Drive is a beautiful place to get away from the grind of the city, even though it is right in the middle of this sprawling mad metropolis.  Immortalized in Hollywood noir and David Lynch movies, it is a place like no other in a city that has 1,001 places like no other.  Backdrop to Ferraris racing down the winding streets chased by a flurry of blue lights and shining black LAPD police cruisers in Kavinsky songs, to the infamous stomach-turning Wonderland murders and John Holmes, it is quite the magical place.  Take a drive at 3 am in the morning down Mulholland and a deep peace falls over you as the city sleeps. The twinkling lights in the distance bring comfort in a very uncertain world.  It is like Zazen and you feel like Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive as you watch the fog mix with the cold yellow light of the high-pressure sodium streetlights above. Peaceful, but certainly eerie. 

Mulholland Drive not only serves as a respite from the traffic of congested freeways to the North and West, but it is a peaceful getaway far above the glitz /glamour of Hollywood to the South.  Despite all the wild area mixed with mansions, there is a makeshift food truck congregation of two or three trucks during the weekdays right off of Beverly Glenn Blvd and Mulholland Drive.


Up there at the intersection of Beverly Glen Blvd and Mulholland and right at the entrance to multimillion dollar homes you will find to one side of the curb two or three food trucks in the most bizarre of locations.  Kinda like finding a Coca-Cola in a bucket of ice in the middle of the Serengeti, it is definitely a sight for sore yes.  Not only that, but the trucks mostly cater to people working up there and the tacos are as good as it gets. 

Talk about weird and uniquely Angelino, it is not everyday that I sit curbside on the street in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the world munching on a carne asada taco while I talk politics with one Guatemalan construction worker and two Filipina maids. 

Despite being so close to the city this area is actually quite nature friendly with all sorts of wild animals roaming the streets late at night, mainly coyotes.  At the same time the ecosystem must be shared with the humans and it creates an interesting juxtaposition of nature and multimillion dollar designer homes on stilts. One earthquake and half the Hollywood Hills will go downhill quicker then Charlie Sheen winning down a mountainside in his brand new car! 

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