South LA Art Scene Shows Talent

Not everything south of the 10 can be considered undesirable and places so dangerous we should stay away.  At least that is what I sometimes hear and for the most part it seems prudent to stay away from danger.  My belief is that the sprit of adventure should be strong in all of us and if there is some amazing hamburger stand that is considered the best burger in SoCal, even if it is literally right in front of one of the most dangerous housing projects…blah blah.  Too much TV and too much fiction.

Be vigilant, but don’t be that person that never sees the  Watts Towers, even though they have lived here more than 25 years.  My motto is be like Bourdain!  on other words make sure to go out and experience this amazing city firsthand.  It might be a concrete jungle, but it is our beloved concrete jungle..errr…that is…even though im originally from Puerto Rico.

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The Watts Tower was built by hand by an immigrant that lived in the area many many decades ago from whatever he could find around him.  Truly a unique work of art pretty much like no other on this planet.


Mural right in front of recently renamed Barak Obama Global Prep Academy in the middle of South LA.  I hope it will not be renamed again in six years to Donald Trump High.


You see different renditions of this beautiful Latina face all overLos Angeles.  Gorgeous and amazing use of colors.  Gives this bleak neighborhood some much need love.  Street artists here have so much talent.  Anyone know who the artist is please let us know!


This is the artwork outside Green Tree Meditation Foundation Studio on Western Avenue, just north of Manchester Avenue.  Artwork creates great vibes and is quite inspirational.  We should have more programs to foster this type of mindful uplifting activity.  Good for the soul, good for the hood!

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