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Things To Do in Los Angeles:  Secret


Welcome to Lost Angeles Underground.  We focus on things to do in Los Angeles.  WE cater to a segment of society that feels like they are interested in rediscovering the parts of LA they have “lost”  and other things to do in Los Angeles.

How many times on your commute to work or on a Saturday afternoon drive through the City of Angels have you passed that certain little spot that look so interesting, but you never once ventured to stop and take a look inside?  You could park on one end of Santa Monica Blvd and walk for weeks until you made to the other end in Downtown, trying to see every nook and cranny along the way.

With so many different ethnic groups living together each with their own respective culture, food, music and entertainment it seems this city more than any other in the United States is perfect for getting lost doing internal tourism.  Watch your mouth drop to the ground thanks to all the deliciousness at the original Portos Cuban Bakery in Downey, get lost in Pinaytown at Panorma Heights in the Valley, eat some Thai in a hole in the wall on Roscoe Blvd at 3:35am.  There is so much to live and experience!  

That is what Los Angeles Underground is all about,  We take you on a trip to places like Carson, Long Beach and even Orange County to find and experience unique underground diamonds in the rough.  We go out to bring you new and exciting stories about food, music, art, news and people throughout this city in order to give you better appreciation for everything LA has to offer.  Enjoy!

Most importantly, we would like to know what is your favorite local spots!  You can reach us here or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. 

Explore beneath the surface!

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