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(1)First Fridays at Natural History Museum.

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A party mixed in with elegant people and a natural history museum is gonna be a good time no matter what.  Join the Natural history Museum for it’s monthly forage into joining culture, dinosaurs and some amazing sounds.


Panel Speakers talking dinosaur talk with Dr. Michael Habib and Dr. Nathan Smith.

Live Music: Korey Dane (8 p,m.) and Escondido (9:15 p.m.)

****NOT TOP BE MISSED !listening party with Neil Young from 7-9 p.m. featuring Young’s upcoming release EARTH.***

Also, Resident KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd featuring DJ Jedi.

(2)Prince Tribute / Public Memorial at L.A. City Hall.

Prince-Los-Angeles-Weekend-PlannerA few weeks might have passed since Prince’s passing, but we still feel the pain in our hearts and we must feel gratitude towards a city that takes the time to honor and bring us together to honor one America’s greatest stars.  The public memorial will be located in LA City Hall and it is FREE.  You can see it all the way from the top of Mulholland and it looks beautiful from even that far away.

(3)Rupal’s DragCon Opening Night Party.

RuPaul-DragCon-Los-Angeles-Weekend-PlannerCelebrating the art of drag and self expression for all, this huge event will have more than 50 panels, 200 vendors, exhibitors and everything you could ever imagine concerning the lifestyle. Located at the Los Angels Convention Center and going on from Friday, may 6 until Saturday, May 7th.  Plus, attendees can shop ‘til they drop on a floor full of unique and custom shoes, apparel, art and many other fabulous products.  The Rupal DragCon website also points out that in addition to booths on the convention floor, there will be a wide range of programming, including, Q&A sessions with drag stars and icons, lip sync contests, drag “herstory” discussion groups, and fashion, make-up and styling work shops, for men and women.

(4) Lucha VaVOOM Cinco de Mayan (Mexican wrestling) at the Mayan Theater.

       lucha-vavoom-lost-los-angelesunderground-weekend-planner                      lucha-vavoom-los-angeles-weekend-planner                              imgres                  lucha-vavoom-lost-los-angelesunderground-weekend-planner-maurice-arisso

Mexican masked wresting, sexy burlesque that looks like something straight out of Tarantino’s Dusk Till Dawn and even more comedy comedy comedy!  Whats not to love here? This is definitely one of the most unique events and is tailored to represent the culture and wrestling of Mexico, but given an LA twist.  Luca libre is huge south of the border, now you can witness midgets in costumes being thrown across the room while half naked lucha libre models exude a passion like no other and beat the living daylights out of eachother.  Come check this one out.  Its an experience like no other.  Pure underground LA.  

**Check out the video below to have an idea of the insanity that awaits:


(1) Four Tet is a force to be reckoned with.  Creating some truly amazing remixes of the biggest names, he always takes his shows to far off locations and this is certainly no exception.

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Four Tet, the electronic band; ( or the dude above pretty much;) is known for esoteric beats and sounds that could put a baby to sleep with such laid back sounds that captivate and mesmerize.  Back in the day it might have been a precursor or a fusion of post-Trance.  Today it is a call to the old days for sure when the music and the crazy location was the focus. Not the way you dressed or how absolutely fabulous you looked.  This event on Saturday May 7th is the closest thing I have seen in  awhile that reminds me of the excitement of and unique feel that events had back in the day when I used to frequent the original pop-up parties in the early 1990’s in huge warehouse reminiscent of East Berlin right smack dab in the heart of Robocop looking rundown shit-hole Downtown Detroit.  Parties there had a mystical feel to them amongst the huge dilapidated warehouses literally falling apart over our heads and the whole true blue organic underground scene. 

Four Tet is hosting an event in a place called Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace located NW of Coachella.  Take one look at Google Earth and the place is true to its name.  Pioneertown.  Might look like something out of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti waterer and the type of place Bandidos or Mongols might be hanging out at, or at least so it seems.  In other words, its perfect for holding a show out there in the middle of nowhere this Saturday, May 7th.  Check out more on Four Tet in this week’s issue of LAWeekly. 

(2) Big Freedia big-freedia-lost-los-angeles-underground-weekend-planner

is gonna be jumping and letting everyone know her mind at The Regent Theater.  It sure cant be easy for a gay choirboy turned into one of the the premier shemale bounce artist known worldwide and hailing originally from the Big Easy, New Orleans. Bounce is Nawlin’s twist on hip hop infused with all sorts of other musical persuasions that can be found in that amazing musical city.  Everything from Jazz to Zydeco, thrown on a hip hip beat mixed with some Lil Wayne and a dash of Cash Money, to begin with.  Here is a taste of some BOUNCE and Freedia ROCKING IT.  Miley Cyrus robbed a term and dance called “twerking” which Big Freedia originated, according to Wikipedia. 

(3) Downtown BookFest at Grand Park 

This year’s theme is : “Literary LA: Places, Spaces and Faces,” which hopes to be a celebration and reflection of where Angelenos love to read and write – past, present and future.  There will be a wide assortment of readings and panels discussing those readings.  Of particular note is the Pop Up Bookcase showcasing local authors and other writing talent.

(4) Any suggestions please let us know!  Interested in writing for us send us a line at MindfulSocial@Gmail.com!

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