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Mama Shelter Hollywood:

New Boutique Hotel, Restaurant &

Rooftop Bar


mama-shelter-hollywood-rooftopMama Shelter Hollywood is a new boutique hotel right smack dab in the heart of Hollywood and it opened just last February of 2016.  Mama is just one of six or seven old buildings that have been renovated extensively and turned into vocational schools or small, upscale boutique hotels.  Mama is right in the middle of the infamous Cahuenga bar & restaurant scene.  

In short, many newspapers and e-publications have gotten word that an intense hotel boom is coming to Hollywood and reception has not all been positive.  Still, from the look of all the cranes and the pictures below,  it seems we are already right in the middle of some heavy duty urban development. 

I believe the other gigantic building being erected and to the right in the picture with all the construction below will be called The Dream Hotel.   Here is a rendering:


I remember in a press conference a few years before Eric Garcetti became Mayor of Los Angeles, he made an elaborate speech that caught my attention and I have not been able to forget the topic to this very day.  Developers had come together it seemed, spearheaded by Garcetti and his peoples and the ultimate goal was to put high rises all over the place.  They want to turn Hollywood into a Manhattan of sorts and want to conveniently forget seismological data in the very area some of the high rises are going to and have been built.


If you have seen those signs all around Hollywood talking versus the “Manhattanization” of Hollywood, or better known as “Manhattanwood,” if you will. 

Heres a video from YouTube explaining the Manhattanization of Hollywood:

“Stop Manhattanwood;” according to YouTube’s definition, is a new awareness and advocacy campaign featuring billboards and online elements to educate concerned citizens in Los Angeles and elsewhere about the impact that tremendous growth and overdevelopment in Los Angeles—particularly in the Greater Hollywood area—is having on the overall quality of life in the city. The Manhattanization of Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles must stop!

Only thing is that as far as I know Manhattan does not have a fault line running right through the middle of it.  Hollywood does!  Of course!

So as old 1920’s rundown buildings, old school motels and everything in-between has been recreated as a chic hotel destination with the best in restaurants, bars and elegant nightlife.  Mama Shelter is on the corner of Selma and Wilcox and is the newest addition by world famous chic hotel designer Philippe Stark and the look is something he called something reminiscent of an “urban kibbutz.”  For this reporter, any hotel that has candy machines and a bartender as down to Earth and friendly as Scooby (below)


is the type of place I definitely want to check out.  DTLA has the Ace Hotel, we have Stark’s American counterpart of the Mama Shelter franchise. 

mama-shelter-hollywood-roomsNot only that, but Mama Shelter has affordable rates (starting at $150.00 per night).  The old building was turned into a 76 room hotel and has a restaurant and bar on the first floor and a very popular rooftop bar that is pretty amazing. 

The restaurant brings what they call “ a home cooked” feeling to Hollywood with classic dishes that keep it simple and respect traditional preparations.  


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